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The Banaras Mercantile Company was started in 1952.We deal with indological books and products.We have experience of how to keep you connected to the world of indology and spirituality in this modern age, so we decided to provided you the modern experience of spirituality via our online shopping platform.You need not roam around in market searching about books, just log on to our website and get your products delivered to your home.

Sale! Abhilekhalipisastram
Abhilekha  Lipi  Sastram, Indian Paleography ,Epigraphy and Choronology  book First published in Sanskrit with  Question and Answer .Book having detailed contents according to your requirement .M.A syllabus and UGC syllabus mostly covered.
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Advaitsiddhi-Nyayamrita-Swami Yogindrananda.
Advaitsiddhi-Nyayamrita-Swami Yogindrananda.
Vedanta book in Sanskrit.Completed in Two volumes.
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Anusandhanasya Paravidhi -Prakriya
Anusandhanasya Paravidhi -Prakriya
Anusandhanasya pravidhi prakriya book written for research methodology.It Translated by Dr.Harshnath Mishra.Book written in Sanskrit script.
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Sale! Apastamb Sraut Sutra
Apastamb Sraut Sutra
Apastamb Sraut Sutra-in 2 volumes. Text with English Translation by G U Thite.
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Sale! Apastamba Dharmasutram-Dr.Umesh Chandra Pandeya
Apastamba Dharmasutram-Dr.Umesh Chandra Pandeya
Apastamba-Dharmasutram book of Dharmasastra.Written in Sanskrit with Tika  and Hindi Translation.
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Sale! Arthasangraha- Dr.Rajeswarsastri Musalgawonkar
Arthasangraha- Dr.Rajeswarsastri Musalgawonkar
Arthasangraha of Laugakshibhasker  with an Hindi Translation named "Arthamimansa".
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resized arthasangrah
Rameswaryogikrit 'Mimansarthasangrahakaumudi'  Sanskrit Tika with Hindi.
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Astadhyayi-Dr.Naresh Jha
Astadhyayi-Dr.Naresh Jha
Better book of Sanskrit Vyakarana in Sanskrit with Hindi Translation.
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Astadhyayi-Iswarchandra Sharma
Astadhyayi-Iswarchandra Sharma
Astadhyayi-Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation.
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Ayurveda Parichaya Evam Adharbhut Siddhant
Ayurveda Parichaya Evam Adharbhut Siddhant
Ayurveda Parichaya evam Adharbhut Siddhant book written for knowledge of Ayurveda in Hindi.
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Sale! Bauddhartha Mimansa (बौद्धार्थमीमांसा )
Bauddhartha Mimansa (बौद्धार्थमीमांसा )
बौद्धार्थ मीमांसा पुस्तक डा. पारमिता रॉय  द्वारा लिखी गयी व्याकरण विषय  पर महत्वपूर्ण पुस्तक है. अनुसंधानकर्ताओं हेतु अवश्यक भी है.
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Sale! Bharatetivrittam -Bharatiya Mahapurushon ka  etivritt.
Bharatetivrittam -Bharatiya Mahapurushon ka etivritt.
BHARATETIVRITTAM- Bhartiya Mahapurishon ka etivritta. Written by Dr.Narendra Tripathi in Sanskrit language.
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