Sale! Abhilekhalipisastram
Abhilekha  Lipi  Sastram, Indian Paleography ,Epigraphy and Choronology  book First published in Sanskrit with  Question and Answer .Book having detailed contents according to your requirement .M.A syllabus and UGC syllabus mostly covered.
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Sale! Adhunikam Sanskritam ( Modern Sanskrit Literature ) आधुनिकं संस्कृतम्
Adhunikam Sanskritam ( Modern Sanskrit Literature ) आधुनिकं संस्कृतम्
Adhunikam Sanskritam means Modern Sanskrit Literature.  Its written by Dr.Sudhakar Mishra in Sanskrit language and based on new CBCS syllabus of UGC.ISBN : 978-93-92072-02-4
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Anusandhanasya Paravidhi -Prakriya
Anusandhanasya Paravidhi -Prakriya
Anusandhanasya pravidhi prakriya book written for research methodology.It Translated by Dr.Harshnath Mishra.Book written in Sanskrit script.
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Sale! Bhattikavya- a critical study
Bhattikavya- a critical study
Bhattikabya-Samiksha-written by Dr.Indira Pramanik written inn Bengali.
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Sale! Chankyaniti-Acharya  Viswamitra Sharma. Bangla.
Chankyaniti-Acharya Viswamitra Sharma. Bangla.
sampurna Chankyaniti Bengali version with Sanskrit Text.
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Chhanadashastram-Srimat Pingalacharya.
Chhanadashastram-Srimat Pingalacharya.
Chandasastram-Pingalacharya.Text & Translation.
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Mahakavi Dandi Praneet-Daskumarcharitam-with Text in Sanskrit and Hindi Translation.
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Dharmasastrasetihas  (History of Dharmsastra)
Dharmasastrasetihas (History of Dharmsastra)
Dharmasastrasetihas- Edited by Prof.Jaikrishna Mishra in Sanskrit.
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Sale! Dhvnyalok-Anandavardhanacharya.
Dhvnyalok-Anandawardhanacharya- with Abhinawagupta virachit 'Lochan' Sanskrit Tika  and Hindi Translation by Sivaprasad Dwivedi.
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Sale! Geetgovindakavyam- Jayadewa.
Geetgovindakavyam- Jayadewa.
Geetgovindam-Jayadewa. Hindi Translation by Dr.Ramananda Sharma.
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Sale! Hitopadesh- Sri Narayanpandit.
Hitopadesh- Sri Narayanpandit.
Most popular Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation.
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Humanism in Sanskrit literature-Edited by Dr.Prasanta Kumar Mahala. Written by various  scholors in Sanskrit,Bengali and English.
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